Get Licensed

Class Licensing

From 19 February 2024, Australian Amateurs operate under a Class Licence system. This means that any person with recognised Amateur Radio qualifications can operate under the Class Licence with conditions such as frequency and power levels varying according to the qualification held.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) now manages all aspects of Amateur Radio qualifications and licensing. Further information on Amateur Radio licensing, including syllabus and examination information, can be found on the Amateur Radio section of the ACMA web site.

Non-assigned Amateur Licences (ie all but beacon and repeater Amateur licences) issued prior to 19 February 2024 will not be renewed, but call signs allocated as at this date will continue to be allocated for use under the Class Licence.

The qualifications of Amateurs licensed prior to the introduction of the Class Licence will continue to be recognised.

From 19 February 2024, aspiring Amateurs who pass the appropriate examinations will be able to apply to ACMA for one of the following:

  • ACMA Recognition Certificate (Foundation)
  • ACMA Recognition Certificate (Standard)
  • ACMA Recognition Certificate (Advanced)

Getting Started

AHARS has Amateur Radio trainers, and Assessors who are accredited by ACMA to conduct examinations for the qualifications listed above.

Please contact our training coordinator Paul, VK5PH, at to express an interest in attending training sessions and the examination. Our training coordinator, will email you with information regarding the venue, times available, and what you will need to bring.

Note: Since 2003 in Australia, it is no longer a requirement to pass a Morse Code (CW) test to obtain your Amateur Radio certificate.

For those starting on their Amateur Radio journey, more information on the Foundation qualification can be found at the WIA Foundation page.

We recommend purchasing the Foundation manual, and reading it thoroughly before attending the training.